“Koku” Yet Another Gold And Diamond Studded iPhone Case – Yours For $38,000

Bling out your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s in real gold. That’s what a jeweler from Japan wants you to do. To be more accurate, this gold iPhone case plan was devised by a jeweler and a cell phone distributor based in Yamanashi Prefecture. Jeweler Akiyama Co., and Phonet, a cell phone distributor together designed and developed the Koku models.

A unique case, Koku means “time,” features a clock face on the case back set against the outline of a solitaire diamond ring. The silhouette of Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest peak appears above the “XII” symbol on the clock face. The newest extravagant gold iPhone case in town costing $38,000 (¥3,776,000) will take you to bling nirvana in the form of 18 karat yellow gold, studded with 207 diamonds weighing 1.71 karats in total. You have the option to go for the more affordable silver case studded with “cubic zirconia,” it will set you back only $3,800 (¥377,600.) The basis for the identical pricing (except zeros!) is the height of Mount Fuji 3,776 meters.

Koku diamond studded iPhone 5 case 1

The jeweler said that it will be producing just 15 pieces each of the silver and gold cases, and they will be available by order only. Akiyama’s president Yutaro Akiyama told Wall Street Journal so far they received only one order, a silver model. Their target customer base is wealthy women in their 40’s and 50’s – publicizing this may have shrunk their non-targeted market. Currently, cases are sold only in Japan, but the company is eager to sell outside of Japan. Yutaro Akiyama, also told the Wall Street Journal “since iPhone is marketed globally, we’d like to promote these outside Japan as well in future.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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