Issa Platinum Electric Toothbrush From Foreo – Only $3,000

Issa Electric Brush 1

This is the toothbrush all you gadget loving divos and divas waiting for – an exclusive electric brushing tool made just for you. For $3,000 you have the opportunity to grab the Issa Platinum or you can spend $2,000 for Issa 18 karat toothbrush. These are very exclusive, each brush is limited to just one unit. Developed by Swedish manufacturer Foreo Institute, Issa electric toothbrush is Foreo’s solution to replace all other badly designed electric toothbrushes in the world.

As Foreo points out, most electric toothbrushes available in the market today are bulky and their functions has not seen an update for 60 years. Foreo has spent considerable amount of research time on finding better material, function and form. New Issa brush promises to deliver a “hygienic, gentle clean” through its ergonomic brush heads and soft bristles. Its brush head is made to last up to one year and has a battery that lasts for 6 months or 365 uses in one charge.

A $3,000 platinum toothbrush, electric or not is not for everyone. There is a much more affordable $199 version doing rounds in company’s crowd funding page at Indegogo.

Issa Electric Brush 2


Source: Backer Jack and Foreo

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