Gold Plated iPhone 5s With A Diamond Studded Skull From Golden Dreams

As long as iPhone is in demand, there will be a market for customized iPhones. Here is another one of those one-of-a-kind ones. A creation of Swiss-based watchmaker and jeweler Golden Dreams, the “Skull Edition” is an iPhone 5s draped in premium alligator leather with a black diamond studded 18 karat gold skull fixed to the back. The limited edition iPhone will have 7 units available worldwide in yellow and rose gold. The company plans to introduce further 3 skull editions of black or white diamond studded iPhones in the near future.

Diamond Studded Skull iPhone 5s 2

With 554 studded natural diamonds, the 64GB “Skull Editions” come with a hefty price sticker with each selling at $14,650. No word from Golden Dreams on making a special edition iPhone 5s for the Chinese market to celebrate the Year of the Horse, yet.

Diamond Studded Skull iPhone 5s 3

Source: Luxury Launches

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