Harrods S6 Edge Gold Edition By Samsung – Limited Edition Of 500 Units Just For Harrods

We all love exclusives, whether we can afford them or not. Soon to be launched Samsung S6 and S6 Edge already has luxury accessory vendors on the edge ready to get to work as soon as they get their hands on them. Harrods on other hand have no such worries, Samsung made them an exclusive S6 Edge in gold. Limited to 500 units, Harrods S6 Edge Gold Edition was unveiled at the store at an event attended by VIP guests. To adorn with gold Samsung chose the top end S6 Edge that comes with 128 GB of storage.

Harrods S6 Edge Gold Edition

Samsung even made an exclusive box for the Harrods edition and it comes packed with many useful items. There are two charges for the phone, standard Samsung fast charger and an additional regular one to keep handy at the office or in your bag. There is also a special gold case for your latest greatest gadget in the box. Some are not in favor of hiding their fancy phone in a case, but if you are looking to protect it from minor scratches case comes handy. I personally carry my phone in a slim case. From Harrods, you get a voucher for a free engraving of your initials or name – perhaps on the back of the phone or more preferably the gold case.

If you heard about luxury smartphone-maker Vertu, you know about their concierge service that is offered to their customers. Samsung too has a similar service named BlueHouse, and they are inviting those who purchase the Harrods S6 Edge Gold to join the invitation-only virtual members club. The service offer perks such as exclusive invites to events, special experiences, discounts on future purchases and VIP customer service.

The Harrods S6 Edge Gold Edition and related perks come at a price, it will set you back £1,150 or about $1,700. Harrods expects all 500 units to sell like hot cakes in no time. If you are no that technical savvy and need to transfer content to your new phone from the old device, Harrods staff is there to do it for you.

Source: Luxury Launches

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