“Happy Plugs” Solid Gold Jewelry Like Headphones $14,500

Happy Plugs 18 Karat Gold 1

Happy Plugs is a headphone maker based in Sweden, whose sole ambition is to make fashionable and sexy headphones and other mobile accessories. Their products range include iPhone/iPad cases and lightening cables that come in a palette of pastel colors. As is the custom with any accessory maker these days, to go with their regular headphones Happy Plugs has introduced a new pair made from 18 karat solid gold with a price tag of $14,500.

Handmade in Old Town, Stockholm by a Swedish goldsmith, each pair of Happy Plugs Earbuds are molded into shape using 25 grams of solid gold. Luxury buds are compatible with many Android and Windows devices in addition to Apple gadgets. Its 3.5 connector is also gold-plated and feature a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and a remote for talk and music control. If made-to-order headphones are too not within your reach, pricing for their regular buds starts more reasonably at $24.99.

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Source: Happy Plugs

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