Gresso Unveils Radical Black Collection

Gresso Radical Black Collection 1

Luxury smartphone maker Gresso has released a collection of three new phones, a variant of the hugely successful Radical smartphone they unveiled last December. The new phone is named Gresso Radical Black Collection and has three different models of its own. This too is based on the OS Android 4.1.2 and has a 4.5 inch touchscreen display. As we expect from Gresso, phone’s clean design, attention to detail and materials used in making the phone are of high quality and craftsmanship .

The Gresso Radical Black is molded from a solid Grade 5 titanium plate. As you know one of titanium’s biggest properties is its strength, this bodes well in the machining process when making the case, as it involves aggressive milling. Labor intensive milling process takes 9 hours and done using cutting edge equipment. Once this process is complete a PVD-coating is applied to get its rich black color. A first in smartphone manufacture, the sensor keys are also made from titanium with PVD coating applied. The PVD finish also protect the titanium surface against scratches in addition to enhancing its visual appeal.

Gresso Radical Black Collection 3

The Gresso logo on the front panel is offered in three different materials for customers to choose from – high polished titanium, yellow or white 18k gold. This is also a very limited edition with only numbered 100 pieces from each model available. Each phone is hand-engraved with its exclusive number. Available only at with high polished titanium priced at $2,500 and 18 karat gold versions at $3,000 each.

High Polished Titanium – $2,500 Gresso Radical Black Collection 4

Yellow 18 Karat Gold – $3,000 Gresso Radical Black Collection 2

White 18 Karat Gold – $3,000 Gresso Radical Black Collection 5


Source: Gresso

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