Gresso iPhone 7 Black Diamond Collection Covered In 1450 Diamonds Costs $500,000

Gresso iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection

Only an east coast brand can give proper luxury treatment to a west coast brand. At least that is the case in this instant between Miami-based Gresso and Cupertino-based Apple. The plain old $700+ pink rose gold iPhone 7 is for nobodies. For anybody who is somebody with few hundred million bucks, there is the just unveiled Gresso iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection – a limited edition of three, each priced $500,000.

Gresso has made its name by in luxury electronic market by giving them precious metal and stones treatment. They have given the same luxury treatment for this premium limited edition but on a much larger scale. The grade-5 titanium back of each phone is covered in 1450 black diamonds, weighing 102 karats. Both the Gresso logo and camera frame received 18 karat gold treatment. Besides all that, they are also offering something that Apple doesn’t, a pair of black AirPods – decked in 30 black diamonds (2 karats).

Gresso iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection

They are doing all this work on a 256 GB model, so you don’t have to store anything in iCloud. That is one less worry for any rich person with private photos they don’t want anyone to see.  It took their artisans 18 plus hours to hand decorate each unit of the Gresso iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection.

Those in the fringes of millionaire line, Gresso also announced another limited edition. A collection of 999 units, pricing for this starts at more affordable $2,500. To find more info and place orders visit their website.

Source: Luxury Launches

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