Pre-Order Your GRAY Advent Aurora iPhone X Case – Yours For Just $1,295

Apple’s scheduled release date for iPhone X is a few weeks away (exactly a month from today on November 3rd). While you wait to get your hands on the latest most high-tech smartphone of the world, accessory makers are busy making luxury fashionable cases for it. Singapore-based GRAY is one of those brands first to introduce a luxed-up wrap. As already announced by Apple, the iPhone X comes with a $1,000 price tag. There is a surprise for those who complain about the iPhone price, at $1,295 the GRAY Advent Aurora iPhone X Case costs more than the phone.

GRAY Advent Aurora iPhone X Case

For that bundle of cash, you get a sturdy case made from a solid block of aerospace grade titanium and design features with machined lines inspired by supercars. We know smartphones, especially state-of-the-art iPhones are notoriously difficult to grip – this case solves that problem as it is designed to offer an ergonomic fit in the hand.

Among the techniques used in making the GRAY Advent Aurora iPhone X Case is flame treatment. As a result, it has a stunning aurora finish with a rainbow-like random colors. If iPhone X is not your preferred choice, they also offer one for iPhone 8 costing just $545. To pre-order visit GRAY’s online store.

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