Stuff Your Stockings With Goldgenie Solid Gold iPhone 5s – $110,000

Stuff your Christmas stockings with Goldgenie solid gold iPhone 5ses. Before you do that let’s look at the ugly, you are going to need to dig deep into your pockets to dig one of these geniuses out from Goldgenie. Just announced by the UK-based luxury gold plating master, exclusive solid gold iPhone 5ses shows up in two versions – Solid Gold Superstar £48,000 (approx. $78,000) and Solid Gold Superstar ICE £68,000 (approx. $110,000). Ok, off you go to stuff your stockings.

From the House of Laban, your Solid Gold Superstar brings 200 grams of 18 karat gold as your go to the communication device to your house. Gold on the phone features a Méga Tapisserie like the pattern we see on Audemars Piguet watches. In addition to solid gold, Superstar ICE arrives decked with 364 diamonds weighing 5.5 karats in total. If your preference is precious stones instead of diamonds, the company will accommodate your wishes, after all this is solid money business we are talking about.

Goldgenie Solid Gold iPhone 5S 3

If and when your love for iPhone 5s goes away when the newest model arrives, Goldgenie for a reasonable fee will make a different shape out of that solid gold for the new version. We know, possibilities are endless for reshaping solid gold. The company also touts the phone as an investment, not sure those millionaires and billionaires who can afford one consider pocket change as investments.

All iPhone 5ses leaving Goldgenie is SIM free and unlocked to work on any network, anywhere in the world out of the box. Packed in a luxe cherry oak box, its other contents include Apple ear pods with remote and mic, dock connector, USB power adapter and documentation/authentication certificate.

Another perfect gift for those who have everything.

Goldgenie Solid Gold iPhone 5S 5 Goldgenie Solid Gold iPhone 5S 2 Goldgenie Solid Gold iPhone 5S 4

Source: Goldgenie

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