Goldgenie Ready To Deck iPhone 7 In Gold, Silver And Diamonds

Goldgenie iPhone 7

The iPhone. Yes that one. According to Goldgenie, the UK tech company that luxe-up tech gadgets, we will be seeing the latest iteration of Apple’s iPhone on August 25. Even though Apple and its creations are not having the best of times as sales are way down per quarterly earnings reports, demand for iPhone 7 is expected to be high. In any case, Goldgenie decided to do what it does best – getting ready to create blingified versions of the iPhone 7. As of now they are taking pre-orders for customized iPhone7.

Customizations available in 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. To add more sparkle you have the option to decorate them with certified diamonds and other precious stones. That’s not all as always you can add company or personal logos, images or your children or even your poodle. You can even ask them to laser engrave your signature.

Goldgenie iPhone 7

If you are wondering how Goldgenie going to deliver personalized iPhones as soon as they are available. It’s more like a two-step process. First is they are working closely with a handful of reliable Apple re-sellers who made commitment to deliver as soon as they are available. Second step is more of an internal process – their in house artisans getting ready with pre-preparation work like stenciling designs.

One way to pre-order is directly from their website If you are in London go to their Victoria office to place the order personally. Goldgenie patrons in the UAE can visit their newly opened showroom at the Sharjah iMall. Pricing starts from £2,400 (around $3,100.) Better hurry up before their celebrity clients like Beckhams, Elton John or P Diddy snatch them.

Goldgenie iPhone 7

Source: Goldgenie

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