For Gadget Lovers Goldgenie Launches iPhone 6 Year Of The Goat Edition

Goldgenie Year of the Goat iPhone 6 - 1

For gadget lovers who also happens to celebrate Chinese New Year, Goldgenie is offering a limited edition 24 karat gold-plated iPhone 6 Year of the Goat Edition, adorned of course with a hand painted laser-engraved Goat symbol. In Chinese mythology the Goat is considered a peace loving and kind creature who also bring trust to ones relationships. Goldgenie wishes you to have this positive Goat energy through your new iPhone 6.

The special edition iPhone 6 will be limited to just 99 units, making each device a wonderful collector’s item and a one of a kind piece. Clients also have the option to select on-board storage up to 128 GB. The SIM free phone is unlocked to work in any network around the world.

As is the case with other Goldgenie devices, this edition too arrives with Clear-Coat full body protection and packaged in familiar Cherry Oak finished box. The Goldgenie iPhone 6 Year of the Goat Edition retails for £2,637 (about $4,000) including shipping. Available to order online from Goldgenie’s website.

Goldgenie Year of the Goat iPhone 6 - 2 Goldgenie Year of the Goat iPhone 6 - 3


Source: Goldgenie

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