Goldgenie Blackberry Passport Wrapped In Precious Metals – Your Choice Gold, Rose Gold Or Platinum

Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport Gold

We know you know UK-based Goldgenie can wrap a sandwich in pure gold if you ask them to. They instead wrap electronic devices, bicycles and other similar items in various types of precious metals. Their gold adorned versions of both iPhone 6’s are in the market since their release few months ago. Time has arrived for them to show some 24 karat gold love for the Blackberry Passport, another effort from the Canadian phone maker to return to its QWERTY keyboard roots, along with a large square-shaped high resolution touch screen. Goldgenie BlackBerry Passport offers three choices – Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

The Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport comes gold/platinum wrapped in all areas except bottom and frets. They also come with Clear-Coat full body protection, with a lifetime guarantee to replace them with no questions asked. Gold and Rose Gold versions are priced $2020.95 and $2,088.45 respectively, while Platinum carries a $2,155.95 price tag. Goldgenie BlackBerry Passports are delivered in a beautiful Cherry Oak Finished Box. Pricing includes shipping including overseas.

Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport Rose Gold

If you think a Passport without gold on borders and frets is not shiny enough to stand out in a crowd, check out this 24 karat gold plated version from the Vietnamese company Karalux (image below.) They’ve gone the whole nine yards except keys and the screen.

Karalux Blackberry Passport Gold Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport Platinum 2 Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport Rose Gold 2 Goldgenie BalckBerry Passport Platinum


Source: Goldgenie

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