24 Karat Gold iPad Air From Computer Choppers $5,000

Bling it on! That’s what the new iPad Air case from Computer Choppers screams. Plated in 24 karat gold, the Ademov branded gold iPad Air is more than just polished gold. It is also engraved and machine cut with a black acrylic layer to match the black Apple logo.

In the words of Computer Choppers, “we decided to up the ante a little bit to show everyone who creates the baddest luxury electronics on the planet.” And they have, going head to head with other luxury case makers. It was just last week we saw the new iPhone 5s solid gold case from Goldgenie. The bold engraved patterns are a perfect way to add spice to an otherwise unpretentious iPad. The 128gb iPad Air comes with a price tag of $5,000, well worth the price if you are a blingy type of personality.

iPad Air Gold - Computer Choppers 2

Source: Computer Choppers

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