Formartti iPhone 6 Case – Gold-Plated And Decked In Jewels $9,700

Formartti iPhone 6 Case

Keep in mind a gold-plated iPhone case that costs between $2,270 and $9,700 is not that a bigger deal in a world where ultra-luxuriously customized versions sometimes fetch a million or two, like here. With that sorted out, let me introduce you to Formartti’s gold-plated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case. This new kid on the block has some serious intricate carved work done as well. As you can see this is not the most artistically designed case – a bit too flashy for my taste. Good news for Formatti is we are all different people, so there is demand for a case like this.

Available in two versions – in aluminium or stainless steel, each case is coated with 24-karat yellow gold. In addition to gold, according to customer’s wishes it can be decorated with precious stones or Swarovski crystals. Its intricate patterns are done using a CNC (computer numerical control) machine. Thanks to its cleverly designed, latch-based open/close mechanism, it is easy to slide the phone in and out of it.

As mentioned earlier the Taiwanese company priced them between $2,700 (Taiwan $70,000) and $9,700 (Taiwan $ 300,000) – all depends on how much bling you want in it. They take orders from all corners of the world, it is your responsibility to order one.


Source: Luxury Launches

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