Five Most Ridiculously Expensive iPhone 5s Cases

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5s, there is lot excitement again for iPhone cases. Eager to dress up iPhones of wealthy and fashionistas alike, companies have come up with whole new lines of luxury cases. Here is a list of most insanely expensive iPhone 5s cases. These cases are much more expensive than an iPhone, where the price starts at $199 with a two-year contract in the US. But, when you have the crave to bling and dress it, you have to bling and dress it. Diamond studded solid gold and branded, these are some of the most expensive cases available around the world.

Louis Vuitton iPhone 5s Softcase – $400
Numero uno in luxury, Louis Vuitton didn’t miss the opportunity make iPhone cases for its faithful. Softcase for iPhone 5s is made of  calf leather with iconic Monogram pattern in pinpoint perforations. Th case features a full microfiber lining for protection. Available in colors of red, orange and quetsche.

iPhone 5s cases - LV Softcase 1

Burberry Studded Calf Leather iPhone 5 Case – $595
From the house of Burberry you can buy this studded beauty for your iPhone 5s. This stitched 100% Italian calf leather case features a hidden magnetic closure mechanism and accessible charging point. With its fine craftsmanship and beautiful design, it adds a bit of glamor to your favorite phone.

iPhone 5s cases - Burberry studded calf leather 2

Miansai Solid Gold iPhone Case – $10,000
If you are the one going for the gold all the time, this Miansai Gold case is for you. Made in Miansai case is solid gold with color choices available in rose and yellow gold. Also available for customization is the finish –  matte or polished. Each case is custom made, engraved and individually numbered to show-off if you desire.

iPhone 5s cases - Miansai solid gold case 3

Brikk “The Haven” iPhone Case in Platinum – $14,235 
Gold, diamonds and studs are not your thing, don’t worry we have just the right case for your taste, The Haven, a pure platinum case from Brikk with 100 grams of platinum. This Los Angeles made case features a self-locking mechanism and a internal shock-absorbing silicone gasket system. The case is handmade and finished by skilled artisans. Also available in pure gold – pink and yellow with matte or polished finish. Since the case is made of pure platinum or gold its color and finish does not wear-off as with other plated cases.  Off you go then, you will be $14k poor but rich with pure platinum iPhone case.

iPhone 5s cases - Brikk solid platinum case 5

Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider iPhone Case – $880,000
The jewel in the iPhone case crown – with a price tag of $880,000 you should expect diamonds, gems, and gold in abundance; Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon and Spider case gives you all of that. The case is studded with dazzling diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and tsavorite.  The Dragon features 2,200 colorless and colored diamonds with a total weight of 32 karats. The spider is set with 2,800 colorless black diamonds weighing 38 karats and 18 karat gold. Each case is handmade and takes around 16 months in total to make (now that’s a bit disappointing, given that we would have a new iPhone model by then.) You want more, the case can be worn as a necklace in case of a jewelry emergency!

iPhone 5s cases - Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider case 4

Source: Business Insider

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