From DEOS Diamond Studded Covers For Apple Earphones

DEOS Diamond Studded iPhone Earphone Covers

To bling your stuff, you don’t have to wait for the holiday season, but that’s the time everyone tries to market their greatest creations. Joining the fun is a company from New York – DEOS (Defining Expression Of Sound) with their glittery Apple earphone covers. They sell different versions of diamond studded earphone covers, but this cover stands out among them. The titanium made cover is studded with 302 natural VS brilliant cut diamonds, with each diamond weighing around 4.5 karats.

Dressing up earphones in diamonds is a passion at DEOS. They had a special edition $80,000 diamond studded version last year. But this cover cost only $7,500. There is also a $5,000 version with 86 diamonds encrusted. Having covers studded with diamonds is a great idea, instead of doing it directly on the earphones as they can damage easily with use. They can also use on other earphones without being restricted to one pair.

Source: Luxury Launches and DEOS

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