Dash Smart Headphone For Your Smartphone From Bragi

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This is no ordinary set of headphones. Look closer you might even see some alien intervention here. Created by Bragi LLC in Germany, the Dash as it is called, is a pair of wireless headphones powered by Bluetooth. They come stacked with host of features you don’t even hear in headphone related conversations, all thanks to many sensors it is fitted with. And importantly there are no tangled cables to worry about.

First of all it takes care of the basic function of a headphone as a listening device with the help of a pair of discreet and wireless stereo earphones. These earphones not only playback music, they also works as a MP3 player that can save 1,000 songs in its 4 GB storage. This means you can sometimes leave your phone at home to take a long walk off a long pier.

Other smart features of the Dash includes its ability to track wearers pace, steps, cadence and distance. It can also measure heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent during exercise. All information gathered is then transmitted via Bluetooth to your device or devices.

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Bragi also worked to enhance safety aspects on the Dash. To that end they made it to work as a Bluetooth headset in addition to being headphones. It delivers clear voice quality via the embedded ear bone microphone. The ear bone microphone works by picking up mechanical vibrations from user’s ear bone.

The all-in-one Dash with clear and crisp sounds is now on a fundraising campaign at KickStarter. So far, they have far exceeded their intended goal of $260,000 by receiving pledges for the tune of $1.5 million. They hope to have the Dash on market by the end of the year.

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Source: Bragi and KickStarter

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