Caviar’s iPhone X Tesla Fuses Style With The Sun

Caviar iPhone X Tesla

In this day and age as technology grows, so do the options to personalize it and so does the price with each limited edition customization. Russian luxury brand, Caviar, is known to modify accessories in such a way that it always ends up being the most expensive piece of its kind with their latest being the iPhone X Tesla.

Caviar has already created iPhone gold plated iPhone cases, gem-encrusted cases, one that was crafted from the skin of an ostrich and with their meteorite case they definitely knocked it out of the world. And their latest iPhone X Tesla one-ups the meteorite case – after all the sun is the center of the solar system!

Caviar iPhone X Tesla

iPhone X Tesla isn’t just all looks; it is also Caviar’s most practical case yet. The phone is enclosed in a titanium case with gold trim, which increases the protection of the device itself. The opulent Russian brand also has solar panels built into the back panel of its creation which charges the iPhone every time it is exposed to sunlight or even electric lamps. The Caviar iPhone X Tesla was inspired by Ilona Mask, Nikola Tesla, and Steve Jobs minus their quest for all things fashion of course.

This is the second Caviar-modified Apple flagship this year after the meteorite-coated iPhone X in September. Caviar explained that you just need to leave your phone laying on its face, and the back gathers sunlight to charge the device. The body is finished with a coat of PVD and shockproof plate. To up the bling quotient, even more, there is a golden plate next to the camera setup.

Caviar iPhone X Tesla

The company directly replaces the glass body with a titanium one. It also has 24K gold rims around the back edges and the camera bump.

The extravagant iPhone is priced at $4,445 for 64 GB and at $4,700 for 256 GB. Caviar has always celebrated its Russian heritage and caters to the royalties with diamonds, titanium, marble and gold cases that are almost labeled collectibles. But the Caviar iPhone X Tesla has a structured minimalist design with powerful functionalities. What would you buy – a solar powered car or a solar powered phone?

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