Caviar Fabergé Cases For iPhone X Are Eggcellent!

Caviar iPhone X

Caviar, a Russian luxury accessories brand, has just launched its latest cases just in time for Easter season – Caviar Fabergé Cases! The newest range of Caviar cases is inspired by Fabergé eggs. Caviar is famous for making really high-tech and expensive cases with the most creative themes. The Caviar cases are collectible art pieces for tech lovers all over the world.

Caviar has already created iPhone gold plated iPhone cases, gem-encrusted cases, Tesla cases, one that was crafted from the skin of an ostrich and another with a meteorite. The new Caviar cases have three customized versions of the iPhone X to celebrate Easter, which are designed in the style of Fabergé eggs. A Fabergé egg is a jeweled egg created by the House of Fabergé. It is an ornament that the elite and wealthy use to adorn their homes or gifts to celebrate the holiday.

The first of the three Caviar Fabergé cases is the iPhone X Credo Orthodox Easter edition. As the name suggests, this case is a tribute to Orthodoxy. The backplate of the case is covered with red composite stone and decorated with a picture of Jesus and iconic gold mesh from the Fabergé eggs’ aesthetic. In the middle is the letters XB which mean ‘Jesus has risen’.

The second case in the collection is Caviar iPhone X Credo Pope is crafted for those who follow Catholicism. The backplate is white with a picture of Pope Francis Francis and the signature ‘Christus Resurrexit’ – an Easter greeting with Latin origins. The third case in the religious range simply carries the emblem of Russian Federation on the composite malachite case. All the three editions of customized CaviarFabergé iPhone X cases are priced at $4700 each and are exclusively available on the official website. Whether you are of faith or not, there is no denying that these cases at least make you believe in the God of Luxury!

Source: Luxury Launches

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