Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition Wrapped In 18k Gold Costs $67,000

Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition

If there is an item that looks like it can be goldify, Caviar will do it. Their latest gold-wrapped creation is Apple AirPods Pro – the expensive version of regular AirPods. The standard version costs $159 and a pair of AirPod Pro cost $249. As you have guessed AirPods Pro Gold Caviar edition costs a whole lot more at $67,790.

Caviar version comes completely wrapped in gold including the case. The AirPods Pros are slightly heavier than the regular version because of the gold plating. Plus side to that weight is the chances of you losing one is on the light side. You are immediately going to notice a difference if one falls out.

Thankfully, the Caviar version is a limited edition. So, those of us who cannot afford or not into luxury editions can completely ignore these exits. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is a good way to do it. Visit Caviar to learn more about their extravagant items.

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