Burj Al Arab Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Special Edition Gold iPhone 6

Burj Al Arab 15 Anniversary Gold iPhone 6 - 1

Gold is Burj Al Arab’s favorite precious metal, better yet in different colors. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, world’s only 7-star hotel has partnered up with Gold & Co London. This is not by any means the first corporation between these two luxury brands. Gold & Co London already made a bunch of 24 karat gold-plated iPads in 2013, Burj use them in their restaurant. Burj Al Arab will have two special edition iPhone 6’s limited to 15 devices each from yellow and black gold.

Gold & Co. London’s regular 24 karat gold-plated iPhone 6’s come priced at Dh17,995 ($4,900) for yellow and Dh21,995 ($6,000) for black. These ultra-luxe versions however costs lot more than that with Dh44,900 ($12,200) for yellow gold and Dh47,900 ($13,000) for black gold.

Burj Al Arab 15 Anniversary Gold iPhone 6 - 4

“It was an honour for us to help commemorate the 15 Year Anniversary of the @BurjAlArab hotel by creating 15 bespoke Limited Edition iP6 in 24k Gold and Black Gold,” Gold & Co London said on its Instagram account.

It takes around 80 man hours to bling each iPhone 6. At the back just below Apple logo sits a special commemorative coin with Burj Al Arab anniversary logo. Expect competition from gold and iPhone loving buyers, if you are interested you will have to trek to Dubai as they are only available to buy at the Burj Al Arab. Everyone will know you are one of the handful of people to own this limited edition because each unit comes with its own gold plated identification and authenticity plaque, showing the units number and IMEI number.

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Source: Emirates 247

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