Bugatti By Desvall, A Limited Edition Shisha Pipe From Bugatti $100,000

Bentley is making all kinds of things lately that are not cars. Bugatti questioned themselves, why not us? And now they have unveiled a brand new item that is not a car that cost $3 million, it’s a shisha pipe – yes, it’s a hookah. Made by shisha pipe specialists Desvall and branded Bugatti – The limited edition Bugatti by Desvall retails for Bugatti-like $100,000.

Bugatti by Desvall - 2

Bugatti’s space-age shisha pipe measuring 31.5 inches tall is made from pure titanium, carbon fiber outer casing and hand sewed leather. The automaker has avoided using traditional materials such as glass, steel pipe, and crystal altogether in making this pipe. Desvall’s patented technology, allows the pipe to rotate around its own axle. And, the pipe is not even made in a place you might have guessed like in the Middle East or the Mediterranean, this is designed and handmade in Sweden by Swedes with expertise in different fields needed to make a one of a kind shisha pipe.

Bugatti wants to keep this thing exclusive to those who can afford to buy a Bugatti Veyron, so production will be limited to 150 pipes. Thank God for small mercies like that, because we cannot afford a $100,000 shisha pipe anyway.

Bugatti by Desvall - 3

Source: Autoblog

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