Brikk Lux Watch Omni – World’s Most Expensive Apple Watch Yet At $75,000

Brikk Apple Watch

If money is not an issue, to go with rest of your luxury watch collection that include everything under the sun from a Rolex to a Piaget, think different and add a diamond encrusted, and precious metal plated Apple Watch. The Lux Watch Omni Collection of Apple Watches from Brikk is a limited edition that will set you back $69,995 to $74,995, depending on the precious metal version you select. It is available in 24 karat yellow gold, 28 karat pink gold and 950 platinum. The Lux Watch Omni now own the most expensive Apple Watch crown, it dethroned the $30,000 diamond studded Mervis Diamonds version.

Thanks to design alterations they made to the Apple Watch dial and bezel, Brikk is able to offer the Lux Watch Omni in two sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm. If I understand correctly, they are able to do this by practically disassembling, fitting it with precious metal-plated bezel and reassembling it. The Omni then get adorned in diamonds including the bezel, the crown, the buttons and multiple rows on the bracelet. In all the 38 mm version features diamonds weighing 11.3 karats and the 42 mm 12.3 karats in total. The Omni gets at least five layers of gold or platinum applied, but before that it gets hand polished. The top quality diamonds are precision set using a microscope.

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The Lux Watch Omni is the most expensive of the Lux Watch collection. There are two other less expensive versions; the Lux Watch Standard with a leather strap costs between $7,495 and $7,995. The mid-range Lux Watch Deluxe also fitted with a leather strap are priced between $11,995 and $12,995. As with Omni Watch, these two versions are also offered in 24 karat yellow gold, pink gold and 950 platinum.

The lavish Lux Watch Omni comes in a Zero Halliburton aluminum case with carbon fiber and suede leather interior. A Certificate of Authenticity for diamonds and other accessories are also part of the Omni Watch. All three versions are now available for pre-order online with Brikk assuring delivery within 4-6 weeks of official release of the Apple Watch.

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Source: Brikk

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