Brikk Is Taking Pre-Orders For Diamond Studded Lux iPhone 6

Brikk iPhone 6 - 1

Apple maybe bidding time till September to release the latest and greatest iPhone 6 and that means nothing to accessory makers. They are not going to lie down and do nothing, luxury phone accessory makers are in the proactive mode. Brikk, the California-based company has announced the launch of their luxury iPhone collection named Lux iPhone 6 – available to pre-order, no less.

Brikk’s Lux iPhone 6 line arrives in 14 different versions with finishes in black and white. In addition to 24 karat yellow and pink gold the phone is also offered in pure platinum. The 4.7 inch, 128 GB model is also offered in a luxury version of Premium Diamond where the Apple logo is decorated with perfect white diamonds that weigh well over a carat. An additional option is also available as a non-plated versions of the original black and white phones with Apple logo decked in diamonds.

Hand-assembled Lux iPhone 6 are priced at $4,495 for the plated model and $8,395 for the plated diamond model and available for pre-order through Birkk’s website. Brikk estimate a delivery time of three to four weeks once Apple release the new iPhone 6 sometime in September.

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Source: Gizmodiva and Brikk

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