Brikk Announces Diamond-Studded iPhone 6s, You Can Pre-Order Even Before Apple Debut It

Brikk Diamond Studded iPhone 6S

There are several companies that offer blinged-out versions of yet to be released Apple products. We had a slew of them in the past few months from diamond-studded, gold-covered Apple watches to iPhone 6 models. Since last week talk of the tech world is the soon to be released iPhone 6s (if that is what Apple going to call their next creation). Brikk, the US luxury accessories company always in the fore front when it comes to introducing luxe gadgets before their official debut is once leading the pack, and just announced their version of the diamond-studded iPhone 6s.

The line-up announced by Brikk consists of three iPhone 6s models – 24 carat yellow gold, 24 carat pink gold and 950 platinum. Each phone comes with at least 5.0 microns of gold or platinum. Customers have the opportunity to choose from a collection of diamonds and other precious stones. Brikk is very considerate and ready to accommodate with customizations. In addition to three standard models, customers also have the option to add more luxury to their new devices that included encrusting the Apple logo with white diamonds. The two premium models named Select and Omni gives the option to cover most of the phone with diamonds totaling in 50 carats.

Brikk Diamond Studded iPhone 6S

Brikk follows the tried and tested formula of making luxury phones. Like everyone else they start the process by disassembling them and get on to do the hand polishing, plating them with precious metals and encrusting with equally precious diamonds and stones. If your luxe iPhone 6s preference is just precious metals pricing starts at $7,995 and when you up the ante with diamonds price goes up to $199,995.

Each of Brikk iPhone’s comes with a 1 year warranty and free shipping. They are delivered in special packaging – designed by Zero Halliburton, the case is made from carbon fiber and feature suede leather lining.


Source: Luxury Launches and Brikk

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