With Bold Knot Fast Charger Never Worry About Your Smartphone Running Out Of Battery

Bold Knot Fast Charger

We all have been there. Our smartphones losing juice at the worst possible times with no way to power them up. Biggest culprit for this disconnect is bulky chargers that are difficult to carry around, they just don’t fit in our pockets or in small handbags. To save us all from this major inconvenience, Estonia-based tech start-up BOLD has designed a top-notch portable charger that is compatible with iPhones as well as Windows and Android phones. The BOLD Knot is a fashionable lightweight charger that also double up as a keychain and it fits in everywhere.

A fast charger, BOLD Knot can charge an iPhone 2X faster than any other charger now available in the market. The Knot is a keychain with a miniature battery pack that can be charged via USB from a computer or a power outlet. It provides 3 hours of talk time, alternatively you can use it to browse the internet for 2.5 hours or listen to 8 hours of music.

Bold Knot Fast Charger

The USB charging cable made of strong and durable parachute cords, also have the advantage of being flexible and strain free. Battery itself is protected with a plastic casing, ensuring longevity. The BOLD Knot sure looks like a ball of yarn and they are available in multitude of colors for you to choose from.

Being a start-up means they are looking for ways to raise funds for production. If you are interested in being one of the early birds to get the BOLD Knot, they are currently live on Indiegogo to raise $15,000. I have to say with pledges from contributors for the tune $12,000 in just two days they are doing fine, with 44  more days to go they are sure to end up with a bounty to make plenty BOLD Knots.

Bold Knot Fast Charger Bold Knot Fast Charger Bold Knot Fast Charger


Source: BOLD

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