Bissol For iPhone 5 – 788 Calibre Gold

Bissol has launched the 788 Caliber Gold to expand its 788 Caliber mobile timepiece for iPhone 5. The 24 karat gold plated timepiece is Swiss made. Other features include the moon phase movement and painted sapphire crystal adds extra bling to your beloved iPhone 5. Bissol timepiece attaches to the iPhone’s using lightning port and headphone jack. The timepiece is shaped to appear as a part of the handset.

The 788 Calibre is also available in slate gray anodized aluminum with black painted sapphire crystal and silver anodized aluminum with white painted sapphire crystal. The price tag of $ 760 is not too much if you are into blinging your iPhone religiously.

Bissol For iPhone 5 - Gold combined 2 Bissol For iPhone 5 - Gold combined

Source: Bissol

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