This Valentine’s Day Show Lots Of Amore With Amosu’s Pink iPhone 6 – $2,900

Alexander Amosu Pink iPhone 6

Show your lady friend lots of gadget amore on this Valentine’s Day with Amosu’s marshmallow pink iPhone 6, as the luxury brand claims “world’s first pink Apple iPhone 6.” According to those who have actually seen it, the limited edition is “extremely pink”. Amosu plans to make only 10 units, and if you really want one be ready to fork out £1,899 or about $2,900 on launch day, which is the Valentine’s Day.

Pink may not be for every fashion, gadget and luxury loving diva, but I’m sure Amosu can find 10 people who is got a thing for all things “pretty in pink” like Paris Hilton perhaps. This is not Alexander Amosu’s first pink phone, they did the same with iPhone 5 couple of years ago for Valentine’s.

As for other details of the pink iPhone 6 – it will come with Amosu’s logo and name etched in baby blue on the back (so couples can sing “pink and blue, I love you”) as well as Apple logo in pink. At the very bottom on the back in black “world’s first pink iPhone 6” is printed across, which may not be for the liking of some.

For those who love more bling, Alexander Amosu released a diamond studded, gold-plated version of the iPhone 6 back in September last year – they priced it $2.7 million.


Source: Luxury Launches and Alexander Amosu

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