Adamantino Diamond-Studded iPhone 7 Brings Understated Luxury To Apple World

Adamantino Diamond-Studded iPhone 7

There are quite a few luxury mobile phone makers in the world to choose from if you decide to decorate your latest – the iPhone 7 with diamonds. How you want to go about is a different story. If you are the type of person who wants to add some bling but don’t want to overdo it Adamantino is here to help. The Italian jewelry brand is doing it for the minimalists, theirs is the sublime version of a diamond encrusted iPhone 7.

As you can see from the images, Adamantino has given the in demand “Jet Black” iPhone 7 an amazing makeover. The Apple logo is covered with the finest grade and cut of white brilliant diamonds. This is elegance and understated luxury at its finest. According to Adamantino, a large portion of customization is done by hand. In their words “your signature tech accessory will most definitely be your most defining fashion statement this season.”

Adamantino Diamond-Studded iPhone 7

The Adamantino diamond-studded iPhone 7 will cost you INR 279,500 (approx. $4,200) and 7 Plus INR 324,500 (approx. $4,900). Bother versions are offered in 256 GB. To pre-book online visit here.

Source: Luxexpose

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