Why Pay $3,000 For Headphones When You Can Buy A 3-D Printed V-Moda Set For $40,000?

V-Moda 3D Headphones

If a pair of $3,000 HE1000 headphones from HiFiMan is not good enough for you, we have a $40,000 set of headphones for you to consider. These days we try to 3-D print everything from homes, cars and food to medical models, it is about time we do the same for headphones. The US-based audio accessory maker V-Moda now allow clients to personalize two of their headphone models – XS and Crossfade M-100. Customization is available for 3-D printed shields made from different materials such as fiber, stainless steel, sterling silver, solid 14 karat gold and platinum.

V-Moda do all their 3-D printing at their NYC studio using state-of-the-art technology whereas finishing is done using traditional methods like hand polishing. The company offer their own shield designs but if you prefer to bring your own they are more than happy to use them on your customized headphones. Their regular line of 3-D headphones costs $200 and up. Where is this $40,000 price tag coming from? If your choice is a pair of luxury platinum headphones then you will pay that big sticker price, other than that everything else is the same.

V-Moda 3D Headphones

It has taken V-Moda five years to develop all the related technology. Before releasing they have tested them with a wide range of users including audiophiles, producers and DJs. They feature patent pending 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers and passive noise cancellation system. Their M-100 line operates without battery power and processing, yet offers clear digital-to-analog conversions.

V-Moda 3D Headphones

Optional features include BoomPro Mic for gaming and communication, XL Memory Cushions and CoilPro cables in different styles. Even though not available at the moment, V-Moda plans to offer 3-D print headphones in more colors and materials in the future.

V-Moda 3D Headphones V-Moda 3D Headphones V-Moda 3D Headphones


Source: V-Moda

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