Super Bowl Bound Players Receives $25,000 Beats By Dre Diamond Studded Headphones

Beats by Dre Super Bowl headphones 1

Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have more than enough mulah to buy any kind of fancy headphones they like. But, that’s not stopping companies like Beats By Dre giving multi-millionaire players diamond studded headphones worth a pretty penny, as in $25,000 for free.

With a bit of help from Graff Diamonds, Beats By Dre succeeded in creating close to six dozen handcrafted, custom designed, diamond encrusted Custom Pro Headphones with special Super Bowl emblem in White Gold for the Broncos and Yellow Gold for the Seahawks. That’s not all, they come in their own high-end cases. In the end this publicity stunt would’ve cost Beat By Dre at least $2.65 million.

Beats by Dre Super Bowl headphones 2 Beats by Dre Super Bowl headphones 3


Source: Luxuryes 

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