Deca Debuts Mouthwatering Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese Sandwich $100

Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese Sandwich 1

The “Deca” Restaurant + Bar at the Ritz Carlton in Windy City knows how to celebrate the National Grilled Cheese Month. They have created the Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese sandwich only zillionaires like Carlos Slim Helú and Koch brothers can afford at $100 each.

This posh nosh sandwich starts with two slices of golden brown artisan country sourdough bread, cooked in an equally posh Laudemio Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi EVOO. Packed between these two slices sits thinly sliced black Iberico ham, sourced from classier pigs that roam the green pastures in the South of Spain eating acorns until they are of suitable size to be hammed. Ham is salted and air-dried for six weeks and cured for 12 months. Iberico ham, until recently was difficult to find in the US.

Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese Sandwich 2

There can’t be a grilled cheese sandwich without grilled cheese. Resting on top of ham slices are 40-year aged Wisconsin cheddar sprinkled with 24 karat gold flakes, Ellis Family Farms heirloom tomatoes and Oregon Perigord white truffle aioli. Then the whole thing is a tad showered with 100-year-old aged balsamic vinegar. That’s not all, grand finishing touch come with Hudson Valley Foie Gras and a sunny side up duck egg that is covered in gold tin foil.

The Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese sandwich is accompanied by a skillet of Lobster Mac. Now it’s time to indulge in this marvelously posh culinary indulgence. Available until April 30 for National Grilled Cheese Month.


Source: Luxury Launches and Deca Restaurant

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