Care For A Glass From The World’s Oldest Bottle Of Wine, From 350 AD?

World’s Oldest Bottle Of Wine

It is a well-accepted fact that the older the wine, the more valuable it is. If you yourself is a passionate wine lover you wouldn’t definitely mind waiting ardently to sample aged bottle of wine would you? But how would you feel about guzzling down from the World’s Oldest Bottle Of Wine seen in this picture?

Yes, you guessed it right! Here you are seeing about a 350 AD vintage bottle of wine that is hands down the oldest bottle of wine in the world to-date. Unearthed in 1867, the drink dates back to approximately 325 CE, thus making the bottle an astounding 1680 years old! As the picture presents, this bottle is crafted with Romanian glass, the bottle showcases two miniature dolphin handles and is said to contain a mixture of olive oil and a residual amount of palatable wine. The bottle has been sealed with a chunk of wax as against the modern-day cork, it is believed that this is what has helped in retaining the liquid inside the container in its present form. Post its excavation, from a sarcophagus of a noble Roman couple (the underground home of the buried), only this particular beauty has made it to the surface in one piece. Since then the bottle has been safely kept on display at the Pflaz Historical Museum, Germany for over a century.

Thus the 1.5-liter bottle meant to be a merry accompaniment to a Roman couple’s afterlife is now a lucrative object of study for both scientists and archaeologists. Currently, the vintage spirit is subject to an “un-corking” debate. The museum authorities believe that the wine once exposed to air, may not be able to sustain its shock, thus rendering it useless for all forms of study. However, as per wine connoisseur Professor Monika Christmann, even though micro-biologically the spirit remains unspoiled, its contents will not pleasantly surprise one’s taste buds. Yet however whether uncorked or not, this bottle still earns its own place in history as the oldest survivor of its kind!

Source: Luxury Launches

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