World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar To’ak Has Only Two Ingredients Arriba Cacao And Cane Sugar

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Contrary to what you believe, all chocolates are not made equal. This new brand is far more different in quality than Cadbury’s and even Godiva “G”. To’ak, the new chocolate in town not only best in quality but it is the most expensive chocolate in the world too – a 50 grams slab will set you back $260. That’s not all, this is a limited edition of just 574 bars, and they have already sold 295 of them.

What’s so special about To’ak chocolate that command a premium price? It is made from pure cacao with cane sugar as its only other ingredient. The Arriba cacao that grow in mountains of Ecuador are over 100 years old and some trees are said to be on their last legs. Not to mention that they are much in demand.

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Creator of To’ak chocolate is Chicago-native Jerry Toth, who moved to Ecuador soon after finishing collage to help start a rainforest conversation organization. Toth had his first encounter with Arriba beans when cacao grower Servio Pachard took him to the mountainous area where these rare beans are grown.

Toth and his partner in chocolate making Carl Schweizer give same care and precision to the process just like fine wine makers. They start the process by fermenting beans, which includes dry, roast, de-shell and grind each bean batch by hand. The process is very time consuming, it took them full 2 years to make just 574 bars. Each To’ak handmade bar then gets individually wrapped with a cacao bean in the center and gets packaged in handcrafted Spanish Elm wood boxes. Included in the box is a 116-page booklet that tells the story behind To’aks.

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Every box comes with a pair of wooden tweezers. Touching with oily fingertips can affect the taste of the chocolate, using tweezers help preserve its fine taste. Toth suggests breaking the chocolate along the lines while still wrapped in gold wrapper. His other suggestion, instead of chewing to let it melt in the back of your mouth. Doing this allows you to experience the rich, deep and pleasantly bitter flavor as well as its fruity undertones. Fruity flavor is inherent to the Arriba bean, remember To’ak contains nothing but cacao beans and cane sugar.

To’ak, the expensive yet one-of-a-kind chocolate is selling fast. As of this writing only 279 bars are available.  You can order at

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Source: Luxury Launches

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