World’s Most Expensive PB&J Sandwich Speared With Gold Plated Toothpicks Costs $300

There is a most expensive version of almost all of not so fancy everyday food. Last couple of weeks we’ve seen the most expensive ice cream sundae topped with a pricey ring and the most expensive pizza with lobster and Russian caviar toppings. It’s about time someone gives plain old PB&J sandwich some royal treatment. San Diego-based “Red’s Golden Gourmet” has made it their mission and created one that’s going to make a $299 dent in your bank account.

World’s most expensive peanut butter and jam sandwich are stuffed with much more than its basic ingredients. The extravagant “Red’s Golden Gourmet” PB&J sandwich comes with all natural peanut butter, cherry jam, fresh blueberries, bananas, crispy premium bacon and honey, artfully arranged between two slices of gourmet egg brioche bread toasted golden brown. That’s not all, each half of the mouthwatering PB&J sandwich then gets speared with two 24 karat gold plated vermeil toothpicks. Toothpicks are made from pure sterling silver and come with a custom black leather toothpick holder.

World's Most Expensive PB&J Sandwich 1

Red’s Golden Gourmet is a small Bohemian gourmet café you are going to find in historic Rosecrans in Point Loma near San Diego. They also serve 13 other varieties of PB&J sandwiches. One of the most in demand is Kirin’s Cherry Coconut Dream PB&J, which they serve with a hug!

The “Red’s Golden Gourmet” PB&J sandwich is a collaboration between the café and the House of Solid Gold (you know they recently unveiled a solid gold bicycle that’s priced at $1 million). Now you know where the gold toothpicks come from. Head over to Red’s Golden Gourmet to celebrate Mother’s Day – take your mom, wife or even your sister. They all deserve some spoils, right?

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Source: The House of Solid Gold

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