The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail – $50,000 Cocktail Fit For A Billionaire Oligarch

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Reka Moscow has opened Russia’s first-ever ice terrace with a bar attached to it – entirely made from pure, undiluted twenty tons of ice from Siberia. To celebrate the occasion, restaurant with the help of its sponsors created a cocktail valued at $50,000 thus making it the world’s most expensive drink money can buy.

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The key ingredient of the most expensive cocktail concoction happened to be diamonds – three of them used weighing between 1 to 1.5 karats. One of the sponsors of the event Italian jeweler Crivelli supplied the baubles while Hennessy VSOP took care of the more digestible part of the $50,000 drink. Andrey Melnikov, a local businessman, regular patron at Reka Moscow and perhaps a minor oligarch snapped up the cocktail for the asking $50,000 price.

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The ice-terrace is an idea occurred to the head chef of the restaurant, Michel Lombardi. Living in Russia for the last two years, he has seen enough of short summers and long never ending winters in the country. As a way to get rid of long winter-blues and enjoy short-summers, also to give Russia’s high society something different to enjoy he proposed the ice-terrace idea. Says Lombardi “My feeling is that an ice terrace suits the country of Russia, a land of snow and ice. And we have gone out of our way to create something really special, something which will make Muscovites who are used to the best stop and say: Wow, this is amazing!”

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If you are worried your bottom might catch frost bites while sitting on an ice stool, worry not. The terrace features a special infrared heating system will make your stay in this unique ice-sculpted kingdom both comfortable and warm. You can happily continue to sip a regular Hennessy VSOP cocktail or that pricey $50,000 at a bar fashioned out of ice.

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Source: PR Newswire and Facebook

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