Gochikuru’s $2,600 Wagyu Beef-Filled Bento Box

Wagyu Bento Box

Be a Glutton for 9 lbs. of Premium Steak in a Cow-shaped Box!

Wagyu directly translated from Japanese to English means “Japanese cow”. Tottori prefecture at the southern end of is home to these cows that form an integral part of the Japanese cuisine and the world’s popular imaginations of Japanese food. The Wagyu graze and grow into a wonderful breed of black cattle that is now world famous for its fatty and delicious meat not to mention its expensive and intensely marbled quality.

Eventually, on one fine day, from the Tottori prefecture of Japan, some of these Japanese Wagyu black cattle were brought to the United States to crossbreed with Stateside Angus stock to create the American Wagyu Kobe style beef. Thus an American food icon was born!

In an attempt to pay their homage to Japanese tradition, its cuisine and especially to Tottori prefecture’s delicious beef, the Japanese food delivery company Gochikuru has created a cow-shaped bento box filled with nearly 9 lbs. of Tottori Wagyu.

Wagyu Bento Box

Similar to a Chinese hotpot, this $2,600 bento presents you with a communal culinary experience. Be it with family or friends, you can gather around in multiples around the bento box to pluck and nibble at various cuts of beef ranging from prime rib, sirloin, brisket, tongue and more. All these meat cuts obtained from different sections of the Wagyu are placed inside corresponding sections in the bento box, making it a very visual, yet simple and of course a gastronomically alluring clever presentation. All cuts are perched on top of the signature Japanese sticky rice sourced from the same prefecture and served alongside raw wasabi, lime and yakiniku sauce made from Asian pear.

The total weight of the handcrafted wood box and the food comes to about 33 lbs. For the ardent beef lover and Japanese foodie, this will be a much anticipated and welcome food experience for this year-end season of celebration.

Source: Robb Report

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