Shaking Of Their Phones Let Sailors On Scarlet Lady Of Virgin Voyages Request Champagne

Virgin Voyages Shake for Champagne

Virgin Voyages announced its exclusive onboard champagne delivery service on-demand, Shake for Champagne. In its journey to create the most tantalizing experiences at sea, Virgin Voyages is facilitating its Sailors to request champagne at any time and anywhere onboard Scarlet Lady, with a simple shake of their phone. That’s not all anybody who wants to go to the next level of pleasure than can also treat themselves in the newly revealed luxurious champagne lounge and caviar bar, Sip.

Virgin Voyages Shake for Champagne

“It is never too early for champagne and there is always something to toast to while aboard Scarlet Lady. We want our Sailors to enjoy a glamorous holiday and what better way to feel like a RockStar than a sip of bubbly whenever and wherever you want it,” said Tom Mcalpin, president, and CEO of Virgin Voyages.

When you step into the Scarlet Lady you get the unique opportunity of sipping if not drowning in Champagne which is offered to its Sailors by Virgin Voyages just through the on-demand delivery service, Shake for Champagne™. There is a fine way to surprise your loved one when celebrating a life’s special moment with one of the most expensive champagnes when you on Scarlet Lady. All you got to do is to execute the following fast and quick steps. When the Virgin Voyages Sailor App is shaken, a secret Virgin Voyages Champagne button is revealed and with just one press, a bottle of Möet & Chandon Impérial will be delivered to the footsteps of your loved one in no time.

“There’s nothing more luxurious than having champagne at your beck and call or even a shake. We are committed to creating the world’s most irresistible travel brand, so we thought long and hard about how to help our Sailors effortlessly get a sip of bubbly during their voyage, and presto Shake for Champagne™ was conjured up!” said Nathan Rosenberg, CMO for Virgin Voyages.

Shake for Champagne exclusive on-demand service comprises of delivering of 750ml bottle of Möet & Chandon Impérial with two glasses in an eye-catching, glossy Virgin red champagne bucket which I am sure to be the center of attraction and catch everyone’s attention. Möet & Chandon Impérial is a blend of over 200 crus, mingling the full body of pinot noir with the suppleness of Meunier and the delicacy of chardonnay – the perfect pairing for a day or evening sailing in the warm Caribbean sea.

Virgin Voyages Shake for Champagne

Sip is an indulgent lounge expected to be enjoyed with a chilled glass of bubbles. Featuring a variety of champagne labels, including Moët & Chandon – Virgin Voyages’ featured champagne house. Sailors can either satisfy themselves with a glass of bubbles priced from $9 or splish-splash on a $1,000 vintage bottle. That’s not all Sip will offer a signature afternoon high tea in a gesture to Virgin’s typical British heritage and eccentricity, which will delight the eyes as well as the taste buds of its sailors whilst celebrating oceanic elements.

Designed by the Virgin Voyages design team, with three-dimensional design by HKS Hospitality Interiors, this lounge was inspired by the glamour and bubbliness of champagne. Featuring a long marble bar with rose-gold inlay, Sip encourages Sailors to pamper themselves with one of the most luxurious pairings of them all, champagne and caviar. They have used Gold and rose-pink shades resonance the color of the champagnes that will be served, and are beautifully balanced by deep watery blues and Carrara white marble bars and tables. The deep ocean blue banquette wall and carpet that wraps through space, will create a chance to celebrate or relax at all times of day as the ship sails through the ocean’s blue waves like in a romantic movie.

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