Veuve Clicquot Champagne Package Goes Green: Introduces Biodegradable Packaging

Veuve Clicquot has found a new way to keep your Champagne bottle chilled for a couple of hours while keeping the environment clean and green. This innovative packaging is created from potatoes and recycled paper. A design of French designer Cédric Ragot, the Naturally Clicquot bottle cover is made with potato starch and recycled paper, which again can be recycled.

A bottle of pre-chilled Brut Carte Jaune from Veuve Clicquot will stay cold for two hours in the cover. The case is designed with a user-friendly handle for easy transportation. As a precursor to this case, in 2011 Veuve Clicquot commissioned Belgian designer Mathias Van De Walle to create a green case, his origami-style champagne bucket could be reused up to four times.

The Naturally Clicquot cover is set to go on sale worldwide in October in a set with a bottle of  Brut Carte Jaune for €43 (US$58).

Source: NY Daily News

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