Your Refreshing Summer Wine Una Lou Rosé Comes In A Can

Una Lou Rosé Canned Wine

In Europe and Canada, wines come in all sorts of packaging – pouches, plastic wine glasses, cans and paper bottles. Canned wines are still a new concept in the stateside, where winemakers started to can them about 8 or so years ago. After a slow start, it is now catching up with California winemakers. Latest to introduce a canned version is Scribe Winery in California. In time for summer, Scribe released their new Una Lou Rosé in a can.

Not all wines are suitable to package in a can, certainly not the aged wines. Best wines that do better in cans are the fresh and fruity ones in both white and red, in Scribe’s case, rosé. They offer canned Una Lou Rosé from packs of four priced $40.

Scribe Winery’s owner Andrew Mariani recently met with Vogue’s Madeleine Luckel to talk about all things wine and had this to say about Una Lou Rosé “Our daughter Una Lou Mariani was born in the middle of the 2016 harvest season, and my wife, Lia Ices, and I wanted to make a wine to celebrate her birth. Something bright, light, and pure. This is a celebration wine. The can make it easily accessible and something that we can share with everyone.”

Una Lou Rosé Canned Wine

The wine making process is the same whether you plan to bottle them or can them. Una Lou harvested the Carneros, Sonoma grown Pinot Noir early to preserve everything from bright fruity tones to natural acidity, so right out of the can drinkers get to enjoy the refreshing wine. The wine itself is sweet and tangy with Wild Strawberry, Grapefruit Pith, and Salt flavors.

Texas-based Land designed pink Una Lou Rosé can celebrate among other things little Una Lou, femininity, California, the garden, and Mother Earth. The company is hoping passionate wine drinkers will take their lightweight cans to every possible place summer – parks, beaches, mountains and work (?!) They are easy to carry in your fancy tote, briefcase, and backpack. Maybe you can pretend to be French and drink wine during lunch break.

Source: Vogue

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