The Whiskey Vault – A Bulletproof Cabinet For Your Precious Booze

Bulletproof Whisky Vault

If you have ever been a host and someone opened a collectible bottle that was aged over the years which you were saving for one special occasion then you surely wished for a solution to that. You can now thank a Taiwan based company for their creation of The Whiskey Vault inside which your premium collection of booze will remain safe from even a bullet…quite literally!

Bulletproof Whisky Vault

The Taiwanese company has come up with a strong and stylish solution for protecting your rare liquor without hiding them away in opaque boxes. If you are a collector of fine wine and spirits like the two limited edition bottles of the Macallan from 1926 that were recently auctioned for a whopping $1.2 million, or maybe the 50-year-old Yamazaki that holds a record for the world’s most expensive Japanese whisky when it was sold for $343,318, then the Whiskey Vault is a must have for you.

The Whiskey Vault with a solid steel plate construction, bullet-proof glass, and a tri-spoke handle machined from aircraft aluminum. Its luxurious interiors are illuminated using LED lights, while the unit is equipped with a UL Certified LA GARD electronic locking system. It sits on a solid wood cabinet with 800kg capacity leveling casters and can hold up to 40 bottles of the finest whiskey. All expensive alcohol usually always has opulent and intricately designed bottles which are a work of art in itself. Many collectors like to preserve these bottles and with the Whiskey Vault, your bottles will be displayed as the showpieces they are without risking any unwanted spills!

Bulletproof Whisky Vault

Each Whiskey Vault has its own unique number ID and is custom built to order. The company’s founder Todd Lawrence notes, the cabinets are built for “whisky collectors who were looking for a secure place to show their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends.” With the holiday season around the corner, you can directly order this hand-crafted party essential from the official website from $6000 and above.

Source: Luxury Launches

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