The Macaron Election From Georgia Green – Special Treat For Sweet Toothed British Voters

Macaron Election - Georgia Green

Tomorrow is Election Day in Blighty. To celebrate the big occasion, regardless of who wins roped in celebrity baker Georgia Green to create a special macaron collection – the Macaron Election. Vanilla flavored macarons are available in five colors – to match the colors of five leading parties. As always Georgia used top quality ingredients to make macarons including the finest almonds, Suma Raw Cane sugar and Echire butter for the base.

If you are a Tory then go for the blue Maca-Tory, firmly backing Miliband and Labor, maca-Labout in red is your choice. If your party is trouble making UKIP, they’ve got purple Maca-UKIP. I am disappointed though they don’t have one for Scottish National Party and its pocket rocket leader Nicola Sturgeon. Both Liberal Dems and Green party got their macarons in yellow and green respectively.

Macaron Election - Georgia Green

Georgia Green who never consciously made macarons to match political party colors said, “Crafting macrons in political party colours is certainly a culinary first for me, I’m hoping that it will stimulate election interest amongst some of those who have yet to engage.” This is the second occasion Georgia working with VeryFirstTo on a special project, last December they worked together to bring the World’s Most Expensive Gingerbread House for Christmas.

The Macaron Election for sweet toothed voters are available at If you are in London after performing your civic duty head over to Black Truffle in Belsize Park, where you can buy them along with other sweets and pastries. An individual macaron costs £2 and a box of 10 £18.

Macaron Election - Georgia Green


Source: VeryFirstTo

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