Unbelievable Tapestry Cake Collection By Cake Decorator Leslie Vigil

Taking every possible detail into account, cake decorator and artist Leslie Vigil has used her incomparable artistic talent to make, bake and ice simply divine cakes. Her customer-based cakes are designed and made according to the taste buds and the craves of her clients.

After covering the surface of the cake with parchment it is decorated with a number of miniature versions of fauna and flora such as woodland animals, cactus plants and different kinds of wildflowers made with buttercream frosting. In addition to these “tapestry” cakes, crystal formations with contrasting colors are also one of Leslie’s favorite cake designing method. All her creative cakes are truly masterpieces which are difficult to make without exercising extra effort and attention.

Tapestry Cake Collection By Cake Decorator Leslie Vigil

This latest Tapestry Cake Collection, she uses eye-catching and vibrant colored art of embroidery for the cake decorations that she has mastered. She is using piped icing to create ‘stitched’ (Running Stitch, Backstitch, Split Stitch, Stem Stitch, Satin Stitch, French Knots, Chain Stitch, Lazy Daisy, etc.) floral designs adopted from the art of embroidery. Vigil patiently creates laurel leaf patterns and other flower-based designs underneath the three-D, true-to-life buttercream flowers. Although the surface of Vigil’s cakes with embroidery like decorations reminds us of the colorful, artistic, floral designs on Mexican dresses, Russian thread work and blooms of spring have inspired Vigil in creating her cakes, “Tapestry”.

Like most young girls Vigil too started baking as a hobby and made cakes with her mom. As she was involved in decorating cakes so much, she realized the wonders one could do to the attractiveness of a cake with its decorations. This motivated her to go through and study cookery books and get great ideas on the art of making, baking and icing cakes. Thus this resulted in her to choose Cake decorating, the best profession that she is excelled in.

Tapestry Cake Collection By Cake Decorator Leslie Vigil

In addition to the cake decorating mastery she achieved through experience, Vigil attended le cordon bleu in Paris, the esteemed French cooking school that is considered today as the largest network of culinary and hospitality schools in the world and completed a baking and pastry program. During her tenor there she observed chef instructors with great skills creating amazing cakes, sculptures, and showpieces out of chocolate, buttercream, fondant, and sugar. At present the Southern California-based cake artist Leslie Vigil is part of the popular local cake shop “tasteful cakes”, whilst running workshops where she shares the signature techniques, she uses to make her creations.

Tapestry Cake Collection is simply the best option you can choose to cherish any important occasion.

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