Starbucks Offers Starbucks For Life For 14 Lucky Coffee Drinkers

Starbucks For Life 3

Starbucks lovers rejoice! Your favored java maker is ready to give your favorite brews for life for free for the next 30 years. As announced yesterday Starbucks for Life winners will get one free food or beverage item from participating stores everyday for 30 years. To enter the “Starbucks It’s a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway” competition, all you have to do is to continue to do what you do everyday, use the Starbucks card or their app until Jan 5 2015.

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When you use the card or app to make payments, you will receive a receipt with a unique sweepstakes code to enter online at This also gives the opportunity to win more than 482,000 instant prizes such as free holiday beverages and treats. Total value of the grand prize Starbucks for Life is estimated to be around a whopping $54,000. The card is not any plain old plastic card, valued at $5,000 it is made from 10 karat hammered gold and come with winner’s name engraved.

There will be only 14 winners of the Starbucks for Life – 10 of them will come from the US, three from Canada and one from the UK.

Starbucks For Life 2


Source: Starbucks

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