Starbucks Korea Celebrates Lunar New Year With Lucky Puppy Cupcakes

Starbucks Korea Lucky Puppy Caupcakes

Korea officially doesn’t celebrate Chinese New Year, but unofficially it’s a big deal over there (just like unofficial Christmas). The good thing is Starbucks takes all these unofficial holidays seriously, and to celebrate the Year of the Dog they have released the cute Lucky Puppy Cupcakes in two flavors – chocolate and strawberry.

There is some hard work involved even before you think to tuck in this cupcake. The cupcakes are decorated with yummy puppy-shaped cookies that are crunchy. As you can see from this video, the cookies are so hard to break with a fork so everyone is forced to stab the lucky puppy in his face.

Starbucks Korea Lucky Puppy Caupcakes

You can also take the not-so-posh route by just dunking it, from what I see the cupcake is not moist enough for a dunk. Another option is to eat this cupcake by treating it the same way we treat potato chips and dip.

The Lucky Choco Puppy has bits of chocolate, while the Lucky White Puppy comes with strawberry and cream flavor. Each Lucky Puppy Cupcake costs 6,300 Won (about $6).

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