McDonald’s Charcoal Spicy Korean Burger Is Now A Malaysian Obsession

McDonald's Charcoal Spicy Korean Burger

Oishi and spicy new burger is all the rage at McDonald’s in Malaysia. Fast good fans in Malaysia are getting a taste of famous black Kuro-burger, first introduced in Japan by Burger King some years ago. The Malaysian version is actually a Korean variant named, Spicy Korean Burger spiced up with a healthy dose of kimchi. Food ingredients are not the only thing to add zing to this burger, McDonald’s ad campaign borrowed heavily from another one of Korea’s famous exports – TV dramas. The ad features two Korean teledrama stars caught in a fiery, passionate dramatic moment, apparently not because of love, but because of the spiciness of the burger.

This burger is all about health benefits (or so they claim). The kimchi seasoned grilled juicy beef patty comes sandwiched between a bun colored black with charcoal and filled with fresh vegetables. The Spicy Korean Burger meal served with Criss-Cross fries and Frozen Fanta is priced reasonably at RM12.99 (about $3.75) and the burger on its own just RM12.99 ($3.00).

The spicy burger has been on sale since July 25. This will be available only for limited time in Malaysia, so hurry up and make your way to the peninsula to enjoy this spicy Korean burger. According to reports, this burger is so spicy, even Malaysians who are used to fiery food cannot handle it. By the looks of it, the ad campaign itself is too hot to handle.

Source: RocketNews

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