“Shawish Easter Surprise” $46,000 Chocolate Easter Egg At Harrods

Shawish Genève Easter Harrods 1

This year’s Easter egg hunt at Harrods is going to be one expensive affair for some luxury loving adults. Geneva-based high-end jeweler Shawish and luxury Swiss chocolatier Philippe Pascoët has teamed-up to create an exquisite Easter egg exclusively for Harrods that’ll retail for £28k or about $46k.

Hand-crafted chocolate is made of the finest chocolate blend with intricate, handmade, 65% Venezuelan chocolate ornaments and gold dust to decorate the outside. Hidden inside this sweet treat is the luxury “Shawish Easter Surprise”, a stunning diamond pendant on an 18-carat white gold chain. Just don’t break your teeth while taking a bite.

Founder and designer of Shawish, Mohamed Shawish said, “The Egg hunt at Harrods London is like celebrating the sweet taste of Easter with a magical touch and a dazzling surprise. Shawish is the agent provocateur of the Haute Joaillerie, centered around storytelling, desires and Alice in Wonderland.”

The concept of combining fine jewelry with chocolate for special occasions is nothing new. For this unique creation Shawish and Philippe Pascoët along with Harrods has done a marvelous job with their imagination and creativity. And you as a well-off consumer of all things luxury just need to fork out the asking price. Happy Easter egg hunting of edible luxury!

Shawish Genève Easter Harrods 2


Source: Luxurious Magazine

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