The Savory Cookie Shot By The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta

Ritz-Carlton Cookie Shot Glass

Dominique Ansel created Cookie Shot is now all the rage in pastry shops all over the world. New York-based Ansel who is famous for creating trademarked Cronut, however did not do the same for his new creation unveiled in April. This gives pastry chefs like Hendri Chang of the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan the opportunity to create their own Cookie Shot without worry. Chef Chang’s version features savory treats of hard cake, crumbled with chocolate-chips built within its delicious walls.

To satisfy your sweet tooth you can fill the Cookie Shot-glass with silky vanilla-flavored milk or hotel’s signature crème brûlée. Best way to enjoy the Cookie Shot is by alternating between sipping the milk and then taking a bite down the cookie shot as the milk level lowers. By the time you arrive at the end, the line between milk and cookie crumbles and you’ll have a sweet shot-glass bottom with a delicious mess to finish-off.

At the Ritz Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan, Cookie Shot will be available at the stylish café Asia Cake Shop located at the lobby. Other delightful offerings at the café include delicious cakes, variety of pastries, freshly squeezed juices, exclusively brewed Irish coffee and Capua coffee.


Source: CNN Money

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