Santa In The Sky – Sleigh-Borne Christmas Dining Experience In Brussels

Santa in the Sky Dining Brussels

If having dinner 100 ft (35 meters) above ground on a cold windy night is your thing, Dinner in the Sky has an appetizing deal to sell you. They have partnered with Santa and gourmet chefs in Brussels to offer Santa in the Sky – a special dining experience during this holiday season. The restaurant is an open platform suspended from a construction crane, dressed up as a “sleigh” with lights and four theater-prop reindeer.

Location for this very limited affair is Brussel’s chic Sablon Square shopping district. A bell-ringing Santa Claus waiting to welcome diners on board for a special experience that costs €250 ($265) for a gastronomic four-course meal with wine. There is a second option – “high tea”, where pricing starts at €55 ($58) per person. Most of the meals are prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, so suffering a bit of chill up in the air worth all the trouble.

Santa in the Sky Dining Brussels

Once you are up in the air sitting strapped to a chair on the unique sleigh, there are great views to enjoy – Brussels’ Flemish Renaissance grandeur and medieval churches are a couple of them. Chefs prepare personalized food right in front of you and you eat at a bar circling the open kitchen. This is not for everyone, as Chef Maxime Mazier said, “It’s not that warm. Just as you’re serving, if the wind gets up, for the fish, which has to be served just right, it’s the timing that’s important.”

Michael Chiche is the manager in charge of sky-dining operations for the company. They have quite a lot of experience doing this around the world- 58 countries in the past 10 years. Chiche’s take on Santa in the Sky, “To be in the air, first, it’s the view. Secondly, you’re blocked. It means that you are with your guests, you are with the chef and all the flavors, everything, you’re going to experience it completely differently.”


Source: Luxury Launches

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