Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer Is Back In Japan To Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season

Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer

Even in Japan, there are still ways to go for this year’s cherry blossom festival. However, preparations are already underway for cherry blossom parties and celebrations. If you are in the mood to open a special bottle of beer to start Sakura festivities now, the Sankt Gallen Sakura craft beer is ready for it.

Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer

Sankt Gallen, a craft beer brewer from the Kanagawa Prefecture has cultivated quite a following for their Sakura beer over the years. They have released this year’s special today and most stores already have them in stock.

Sankt Gallen Sakura Beer

As with all other seasonal cherry blossom products, Sankt Gallen Sakura also put the famous flower to good use by making it part of the ingredient list. Concocting pink and purple drinks with Sakura flower is easy for Starbucks, but beer doesn’t work that way. So, don’t expect any bubblegum-colored beer, they, however, use matching packaging to remind everyone about the Japan’s famous flower.

A bottle of Sankt Gallen Sakura costs ¥463 (about $4) or you can order directly from Sankt cases in size from 3 to 24 bottles. The seasonal beer will be available in supermarkets and liquor stores until early April.

Source: Rocket News24

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